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this makes me sad.. he was such a bad father..

I hated it when John talked to Dean

And the thing about this moment that gets to me so much — John is mad at Sam, so he takes it out on Dean in a petty way. In an episode that was about replaying patterns of their family life, that was a very telling note. Insulting/belittling Dean is John’s way of letting off steam after a frustrating conversation with his other son.

And what’s telling about that is that John raised Dean to be perfectly obedient and not to talk back; so when he’s taking his anger out on Dean it’s because he knows that Dean won’t say anything.  It’s the horrible parent equivalent of punching a pillow when you’re angry- except that in this case the pillow can actually feel all of the blows that land on it.

So John telling Dean what any other father would have told any other son about a car the father had handed down to the son makes John a bad father?  Get real.  John did the best he could do under the circumstances.  He would have been a bad father if he had just abandoned them on Bobby’s doorstep and never come back like these people want.  He had to teach them to fight so they could protect themselves.  He had to tell Sam he couldn’t leave to protect him.  I don’t even know why I bother with these people any more.  They’re going to hate just cause they want to.

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