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Great British Bake Off

Okay, I’ve now watched this week’s episode.  I do believe Diana acted deliberitly when she took Iain’s ice cream out of the freezer.  I don’t think it was there for only 40 seconds like my beloved Sue Perkins said.  It wouldn’t have melted like that if it had only been 40 seconds.  Diana could have said something to Iain when she took his ice cream out of the freezer and he could have gotten it into another freezer. 

Having said that, I do think Iain has to shoulder some of the blame for his elimination. Sue tried to stop him from throwing his bake into the bin.  She told him he had to present something.  Paul asked him if the sponge was good and if the rest of it was goo and Iain was confident that it was.  I think if he had presented his bake, with or without the melted ice cream, he wouldn’t have been the one to go home.  I think if he had presented his bake, Norman would have gone home.

I do think it’s a bit ironic, and maybe a little bit of poetic justice, that they announced today that Diana did not compete after this episode.  She apparently fell and hit her head and has now lost her senses of taste and smell.  I do wonder if a fall could cause that or if it’s possible she had some other neurological issue that would cause her to lose two senses.  I would have rather seen her taken out for cheating, but it is what it is.


2006 03 15 - London - Almeida Theatre - ’ Period Of Adjustment ’ by Tristram Kenton (#01) and Geraint Lewis (the rest)

Open #01 in a new tab / window for [1000 x 666 pixels], but refer to the links below for the 1440 pixels’ versions of the rest.

02 03 04

Unless I’m mistaken that’s Jarrod Harris in with Benedict in these pictures. In which case it means Sherlock has found Moriarty again.  LOL!


♪ Sherlock opening theme music 

I’m crying… [x]

Tired of people ragging on Moffat.  He’s written some of my favorite Doctor Who eps and he’s done a brilliant job with Sherlock. I would rather watch something written by him that something written by Russell T Davies anyday. If you ask me that’s who you can blame for a decline in DW and the death of Torchwood. Moffat has resurrected DW with the help of Gattis. And of course there’s Sherlock.






the best headline i’ve ever read.

yes. apparently a kid was screaming in line behind him about wanting pie, so he bought every single one. 23 pies. then slowly ate them as he stared at the kid and kid’s mom.

This is amazing

OKAY so my mom found this article (or one about the same event) on Facebook. Basically what happened was, this guy went into BK with a headache, and while he was in line this kid and his mother enter the restaurant. The kid begins throwing a fit, screaming (I quote) “I want a fucking pie!” This is a child, mind you. His mother, on the phone, ignores the kid. The man’s headache got worse because of this screaming kid and he asked the woman if she could control her child. She told him to stop telling him how to raise her kid and went back to talking on the phone. So the guy orders his burger and all the pies they had- 23. He proceeded to the exit, only to hear the woman yell, “What do you mean, you don’t have any pies?” The cashier helplessly points out the man who bought all the pies. Our hero, to rub salt in the wound, slowly starts eating a pie before leaving.


Yeah, that kid deserved it. If I had talked like that to my mother, I wouldn’t be typing this right now.

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